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About us

“Watching and listening to our whales”

We are whale watchers. As observers, we are fascinated by windows, balconies, and lookouts. From the windows we see people pass with their things and their dogs, we find out their routines, if they are late. We even know if the bakery, around the corner, is already open. Life reveals itself to those who watch carefully. From the hights of Mirante of Serra Grande we see the sea to the horizon, also as rafts and fishermen. Looking carefully, we know when they are excited and if there are many, and even guess when the fishery was plenty. The whales are there, moving, caring for their calves. With a little help, we can listen to them too and, thus, try to asses their lives, their successes, and mishaps that they will achieve even far away. The lookout is our window on the spectacular world of humpback whales. Feel like our guest, we want to share it with you!

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Credits: Eco360



Promote the valorization of humpback whales through the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge, aiming to propose and motivate effective conservation actions that increase the perception of the importance of these giants on the planet.

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Credits: Eco360

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