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Baleias na Serra entero Alta Trans com n

Admiring humpback whales across the coast of Bahia (and not just in the Abrolhos region) has increased since the recovery of its population in the last 20 years. The Serra Grande region (Uruçuca - Bahia) has unique characteristics: the narrowest continental shelf on the Brazilian coast and the presence of hills that reach the sea. In addition to the enchanting beauty that this scenery brings, the configuration of the area allows humpback whales to be observed both close to the shore and in the depth limit they frequent in their reproductive period.


Whales from the Hill started in 2013 when Isabel accepted Júlio's challenge and believed in his dream of working with monitoring the humpback whales in Serra Grande. Isabel completed her doctoral thesis in 2017, in the Ecology and Conservation Biology Program (PPGECB) of the State University of Santa Cruz (UESC), confirming the use of the Serra Grande region as a breeding area for humpback whales and since then the project has grown, with more and more partners and collaborators wanting to live this dream that has come true.


Whales from the Hill is carried out by the Applied Ecology & Conservation Lab of the UESC with the administrative support of the Scientific and Technological Park of Southern Bahia and the logistical support of Mirante of Serra Grande.

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